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Rosha health tourism company (Medical Tourism) to accompany foreign patients And introduced them to reputable specialists and medical centers

Rosha team is constantly trying to improve the treatment process of international patients And create the necessary conditions for a safe journey

And full of memories in the heart of culture and civilization And the unique beauties of Iran are the earth.

Today, we have been able to establish working relationships with physicians and specialists In various fields of medicine as well as tourism centers throughout Iran Health tourism to improve the condition of patients, By offering services and reasonable prices in one set

Reach the highest level of quality

Among the various medical services of Rosha Company can be: Ophthalmology, neurology, beauty, hair transplantation, heart, gastroenterology, orthopedics, etc. mentioned.:

We are doing our best to expand our services And for the well-being of as many patients as possible, a complete set Gather experts in all areas of travel and health.

Hoping for a day with pride, a smile of satisfaction for all international patients

Let’s watch the trip and treatment in Iran.

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