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In Rosha Health , we try our best to provide the best quality of the services that we provide to the patient from all over the world

LASIK surgery

Mr. Mohammad come to Iran from Iraq for LASIK surgery

Corneal transplant

Mr. Abdul Razzaq came to Iran from Tajikistan for a corneal transplant and the operation was successful.

Corneal transplant

Our guests from Germany who visited us with their wives for LASIK surgery with Dr. Shujaei.

Lens implantation surgery

Mrs. Razia Abdul Hamid from Iraq who came to Iran with her grandson and both underwent eye surgery and were very satisfied with the service.

LASIK surgery

Mr. Mohammad Abdul Saeed from Najaf Ashraf visited Dr. Ahmed Shujaei for LASIK surgery

Eye sensitivity

Our guests from Xi'an, China who came to us to solve the problem of eye sensitivity and were very satisfied with the specialized services


Infertility Treatment

Rosha services for you

Rosha makes it possible for patients all around the World to be in touch with proficient Iranian doctors and receive free online consultation.

From the moment the patients arrives in Iran, Rosha will be with them to make sure they’re at ease at every moment; this includes transportation services.

To make sure the patients feel safe and at ease, they will be provided with a translator from the moment they arrive in Iran.

With Rosha’s 24/7 support system, patients can be sure that their requests will be received and answered in the shortest time possible.

Rosha will book visits with the most proficient doctors, in the best clinics; all this in the shortest time possible.

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Free Consultation

Rosha’s Free Medical Consultation is aimed at achieving patients’ satisfaction and improving their health. Before coming to Iran, patients from all around the World can consult with Rosha’s experts about their issues and the available treatments; this way, they’ll be notified of their treatment plan, price and the chosen doctor. (To improve the quality of online consultation, patients can submit info that could help the consultation process.)

Rosha Participation in International exhibition

Rosha Health Tourism Company is honored to be present in domestic and international exhibitions, some of its video reports can be seen in this section.

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Mesotherapy: a method for rejuvenation, slimming and treatment

Mesotherapy: a method for rejuvenation, slimming and treatment Mesotherapy is a non-surgical and minimally invasive method used to treat a wide range of beauty and health problems. This method is performed by local injection of small amounts of drugs, vitamins, nutrients and other active ingredients into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm). This method ...

Explore body piercing

Body piercing dates back thousands of years and evidence of its practice can be found in the archaeological remains of ancient civilizations around the world. From tribal ceremonies to religious ceremonies, body piercings had various cultural and spiritual meanings, symbolizing status, protection, or passing into adulthood. In contemporary culture, body piercing has transcended its traditional ...

Hairline Lowering

Body hair transplantation: a new way to restore lost hair

Hair loss and thinning have long been important concerns for people and affect their self-confidence. But with the advancement of technology and medical science, various types of hair transplant methods have been developed that allow people to prevent hair loss problems and reduce it. While hair transplantation is well known, advances in medical science have ...

Dark circles around the eyes: causes and treatment

  Dark circles around the eyes, often referred to as hyperpigmentation around the eyes, are a common beauty concern for many people. These dark areas under the eyes can give the appearance of tiredness, aging or illness and affect self-confidence. While dark circles are usually harmless, understanding their causes and exploring effective treatment options can ...

Eye prosthesis: restoring vision and beauty

Loss of vision is one of the most difficult experiences a human being can face. But fortunately, with advances in medical science, there are ways to compensate for this defect and restore part of the quality of life to blind people. One of these ways is to use an eye prosthesis. Eye prosthesis, which is ...

Knee replacement

Knee replacement: restoring mobility and quality of life

Knee arthritis is a common disease that destroys the cartilage of the knee joint. This destruction can lead to severe pain, stiffness and limited movement in the knee. Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a medical procedure that aims to relieve pain and restore function to severely damaged knee joints. Knee replacement ...

Laser spine surgery

  Pressing on the nerves can cause symptoms such as pain and numbness and weakness that disrupt the patient’s daily activities. In the spine, factors such as bone spurs and disc protrusion can cause these conditions. For example, due to compression of the sciatic nerve, the patient experiences pain and discomfort in his legs and ...

Breast cancer and its treatment methods

  Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide. This disease may also occur in men, but it is much more common in women. Understanding the basics of breast cancer, its risk factors, diagnosis and treatment options is very important in fighting this disease. This disease starts with abnormal cells in ...

New slimming surgeries

  Obesity, as a chronic disease, not only endangers people’s physical health, but can also cause many mental and emotional complications. While traditional methods such as diet and exercise are helpful for some people, many obese people are looking for a faster and more effective solution to get rid of their excess weight. As a ...

Yoga and its effect on health

  In the field of holistic health, yoga is a timeless practice that not only nurtures the body but also rejuvenates the mind and spirit. This ancient tradition, which originated in India thousands of years ago, has gained popularity in recent times and has been praised for its positive effects on physical and mental health. ...

Differenece Between IQ & EQ

  IQ stands for Intelligence Quantity and refers to a score that is designed from standardized tests to evaluate cognitive abilities such as logic, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking. While there are many different IQ tests, the most common ones include pattern recognition, code breaking, and verbal analogies. A higher IQ score is ...

Non -formation of the fetus’s heart during pregnancy

Fetal development is an inspiring process that intricately connects different organs and systems. However, as with any complex biological process, anomalies sometimes occur. One of these concerns is incomplete or improper heart formation in developing fetuses. If the heart of the fetus is not formed properly, it may cause the growth of the heart of ...

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