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November 15, 2022

Rhinoplasty- Man naturally seeks beauty and becoming more attractive; with the progress of medical science, mankind has found the possibility to change the face as he likes, which is the most important external element of the body and the window of communication with the outside world for every person.

Rhinoplasty is one of the first and most common cosmetic procedure to improve overall appearance, which has many adherents around the world. An experienced and skilled surgeon can offer a safe and effective solution to people who are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their nose, and then during this process, the plastic surgeon changes the cartilage and bones of the nose to achieve a more desirable appearance. Rhinoplasty can greatly enhance the balance of facial features and help patients gain more self-confidence. Also, rhinoplasty can be used to repair structural defects, including those that cause breathing problems.
The high statistics of rhinoplasty in Iran has made this country to be one of the top few countries in the world in the field of rhinoplasty and to take the first rank in relation to the population with a high success rate. Iran is very popular among people all over the world due to its highly professional rhinoplasty specialists and extremely affordable prices.

When it comes to surgery, everything becomes more important than ever before. At this stage, criteria, costs, clinics, surgeons and even equipment’s should be considered. At Rosha, we try to resolve the concerns of people who need treatment in various fields, introduce and book the ultimate cosmetic treatment. Join us in this article to learn more about the steps of rhinoplasty procedure.


1- Anesthesia: Depending on the complexity of the surgery and the opinion of the surgeon, the choice of anesthesia for rhinoplasty is performed with the patient under local anesthesia through injection of medication into the nasal tissue or general anesthesia through inhalation or intravenous injection.

2- Surgery and incision: According to the anatomy of the person’s nose and the changes that need to be made, the surgeon will choose open or closed rhinoplasty technique. Closed surgery leaves no visible scar, and the operation is less invasive and lighter than open surgery. In this type of surgery, the incisions are hidden inside the nose and are usually performed on an outpatient setting. Another method is open surgery. In this method, the entire thin strip of tissue that separates the nostrils (septum) is cut, and a small incision across the skin between nostrils on the undersurface of nose can be made. Through this incision, the skin that covers the bones and cartilage of the nose is carefully lifted so that the surgeon can reshape the bones and cartilage under the skin.

3- Reshaping the nose structure: in the process of rhinoplasty, even for larger-sized noses, it is possible that the surgeon may need an extra cartilage graft to transplant to the nose. This cartilage is removed from the middle part (septum) of the nose.

4- Correcting deviated septum: if the nasal bridge is crooked and the nose is so-called deviated; a deviant nose operation is performed and during the operation, this deviation is adjusted and the shape defects of the nose are removed. This change also improves the person’s breathing.

5- Completing the surgery and closing the incision: When the structure and shape of the nose become the desired shape, the skin and tissue covering the nose are returned and the incision is stitched according to its type. If it is necessary to make other alterations, additional incisions can be made in the natural folds of the nose so that the trace is less visible.

6- Post-surgery care and results: According to the recommendation and preference of the doctor, after surgery, a splint is placed using gauze. The method of dressing depends on the type of surgery and the discretion of the surgeon. After the surgery, you will be placed in the recovery room to be monitored as post anesthesia care.

7- Recovery: rhinoplasty requires up to several weeks to recover, and the patient has to follow specific instructions given to speed up the recovery and achieve the desired result.

In the first 48 hours after rhinoplasty, the patient must have absolute rest. In the first week, it is very important to follow up with the doctor. Usually, the first appointment is made one week after the surgery when the nasal packing is removed, patients will undergo periodical examinations after a few months.


Most of the people who undergo nose reshaping surgery have a problem with the appearance of their nose and want to correct their nose according to the dimensions of their face. A smaller percentage of candidates for rhinoplasty are patients who have
congenital defects or damaged noses. Some people’s noses have been seriously damaged due to certain diseases, heredity, and accidents. Cosmetic surgery is a great help to solve these problems by changing the width of the nostrils, and removing the hump, protrusion or depression in the area of the bridge of the nose which are the main changes made by rhinoplasty.


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