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Nose Job

Nose Job | Rhinoplasty

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Nose Job, professionally known as Rhinoplasty, is a procedure which aims at reshaping the nose. This procedure involves enlarging or making the nose smaller in size, or correction of bulges and other nasal problems. This surgery is usually done for cosmetic reasons.

Recovery From Nose Job

Usually the individual is allowed to work and fly one week after the procedure. Most people can exercise after two weeks.

Related Preoperative Evaluations

The surgeon usually examines the individual’s medical history and takes various tests from him/her, such as a blood test and related physical tests.

Before, During and After Nose Job

Before the Procedure

Usually, the person is reluctant to avoid taking some drugs, such as aspirin and to avoid smoking before the surgery. It’s also better for the person to coordinate with someone else to bring him to a hotel after the surgery.

During the Procedure

The surgeon usually begins by creating a cut inside the nose. This is a common practice of the nasal surgery since in this case, the injured party will not remain injured.  Of course, the cut may also be created in the lower part of the nose.

Now the main process of the nose job begins, which can include some various parts, including different tricks for implant insertion and bone traction or displacement. If the cartilage is to be used for deformation, size or angle of the nose, the cartilage is removed from the nose. Of course, if more cartilage is needed. It will extract it from the other parts of the body such as ribs.

This surgery is performed under local anesthetic or anesthesia and lasts for 1 to 4 hours.

After the Procedure

Most people will see swelling, bruising and nosebleeds. It is suggested that ice is used to reduce inflation and if necessary, using painkillers is also free. Most surgeons suggest having two weeks or more after the surgery to rest and continue your sports and exercising.

Important Notes

Possible Complications

  • To be senseless for days
  • Continuous bleeding
  • Skin necrosis
  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Dissatisfaction with the results

Prescribing for…

  • People who are not satisfied with their form or size
  • People who have respiratory problems due to their form and size

Duration of hospitalization

People will be admitted to the hospital for 1 to 2 days, in some cases however the person authorized to leave the hospital or the same day.


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How long does it take to eliminate nose inflation in general?

If you want to see the final results of nasal surgeries, you have to wait. It is true that your nose will return to the normal shape after a few weeks, but some swellings can last for one year or more. These side swings are not usually identifiable by others.

When do the stitches open?

All stitches are going to be open about one week after the surgery.

How will nose surgery improve? Will I experience pain?

The period of recovery of this surgery is not as difficult as people imagine. You will feel that your nose is cape and your nose will be swollen under the bandage. Bruises are normal under the eyes and usually disappear after a week. Most patients say that they experienced pain or a slight headache after one or two days after the surgery.

What problems can be solved with nasal cosmetic surgery?

Any structural nasal problem can be solved with this operation. These include nasal congestion, the drooping of the nose, nasal cavity enlargement or nose injury.

What age is possible for me to have the nose job?

It is very important that the person has reached the age when his nose growth has stopped. This age for girls is about 14 and for boys a little later. Except for this case, there is no other restriction for the nose surgery.

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