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Communicate online and free with patients and receive medical records
Their medicine or patient history via social media or email.

 Patient history records are sent to the hospital for medical examination

We offer you specialists’ offers with approximate cost And we will send the approximate duration of treatment in Iran

The patient reads the suggestions and after agreeing to

A trip to Iran is prepared for treatment

Our partners have prepared visas and tickets as well as your travel plan And they will accompany you until you reach Iran.

Arriving at Iran Airport, our colleagues will take you to the hotel

They will accompany you to rest

If you have also chosen our tourism packages.
Ready to travel and our colleagues will take you to the most beautiful areas of Iran

After passing tourism services, he went to medical centers
And you will proceed according to the treatment and care steps.

When you recover you up We will accompany you to your country, We give you this assurance
From the time of arrival in Iran to the time of departure to your country We will take good care of you.

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