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Travel packages

Airport Transfer

If you wish  to make use  of our airport transfer service when we make your travel arrangements , you will be picked up at the airport by our designated transfer agent on the scheduled date, based on your estimated arrival time.

After a comfortable journey with a specially reserved car for you, you will be placed to your chosen hotel by our transfer staff.

After all the post-treatment controls, our staff will transfer you to the airport.


Over the years, iran has attracted tourists with its culture, history and natural beauty. That’s why there are countless accommodation alternatives in every city in iran.

Accommodation alternatives will be offered by our professional accommodation team for the medical tourists who want to come to iran for treatment. Once the hotel is decided, the booking process will be done by our team.


Specify the services you want to use when your trip is planned by our professional planning team, and we will add these extra costs to your package.


Adding short tours to your treatment in Turkey is a moral source for you and at the same time it offers the opportunity to discover new places and flavors.

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